Digital technologies have impacted every sphere of human lives. Although the pace of adaptation and the changes vary across geographic regions, the trend is opening new revenue sources and transforming the development landscape for emerging markets.

The emerging markets are home to 85 percent of the global population... The traditional value chain as we know it thrived on hyper-personalized experience and a brick-and-mortar structure of operations. But the increasing adaptation of technology across different industries has seen more significant and small-and-medium-sized businesses embrace innovative business models for profitability and sustainability.

These changes can also be viewed through the Sustainable Development…

Increased internet penetration in Nigeria is creating an environment for online journalism to thrive. Unlike in the past when people had to visit the newsstand to purchase a newspaper, Nigerians now access news on their internet-enabled mobile phones and computers.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), there are about 97 million internet users in Nigeria, out of a population of 174 million.

Linda Ikeji, a top blogger in Nigeria, started blogging in 2006 as a hobby. In a 2012 interview with Nkem Ifejika on BBC Focus on Africa, she said that she did not take blogging seriously until March…

In 2018, I hope that we’ll become even more audacious in our glorious pursuits (as ministers of enjoyment, badass activists/builders, or ruckus makers). Join a life-building community. Faith up! If mistakes must be made, then make beautiful and glorious mistakes (in Neil Gaiman’s voice). Birth new dreams.

But remember to avoid that overexposure!

Intro to photography was one of my favorite classes during undergrad study. There, I learned about composition, types of photography, photo appreciation etc. And we did some amazing fieldwork and took on some projects. …

Today is another day where global attention is drawn to the life-threatening issue called domestic violence. All over the world, there are recorded and unrecorded cases of domestic violence - some tragic, others holding tough.

It is easy for us to utter bold statements and slogans such as, “don’t suffer in silence”, “stop managing abusive relationship”, “if you are in an abusive relationship, run!”, “End domestic violence”etc., without really putting this issue into context.

Domestic violence is not restricted to married couples alone. …

There are many people who still believe that Africa as a continent is misunderstood and misrepresented in the media. In my opinion, this is a handsome opportunity for public relations and communications firms to do a better job in creating the right strategy that would drive effective campaigns and showcase African countries as they are to the rest of the world.

But how can we shift the focus away from messages that portray Africa as a poverty stricken continent or Africans as a homogenous group? Africans are individuals who are energetic, empowered and enterprising in their own unique ways. And…

Growing up poor in Nigeria means living helplessly in a deep depth of despair. Or rise to the challenge of eliminating poverty by going after any legal job that pops up on your radar.

As a young person growing up in one of the most populous cities in Africa, I chose the latter and would like to share four key lessons I learned in the process:

  1. People-management skills
  2. The dynamics of how society works
  3. The gift of resilience and
  4. How personal goals are stalled by high-level corruption

Read the full story on

Solution Journalism Network, also called SoJo, is expanding its training opportunities to the African region. I had the chance to talk with Carolyn Robinson, who would be leading the training programs in Africa this year.

Carolyn, a video journalist, media program director, and educator has many years of journalism practice under her belt. She is also a recipient of the Jefferson Fellowship, Freedom Forum Fellowship and four Knight International Journalism Fellowships.

Her journalism and media training experience transit beyond the shores of the U.S.

“I began my career with CNN’s medical news unit in Atlanta before relocating to Asia and…

“When I was growing up, we had a severe drought in Togo,” Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, Togo’s former prime minister and the newly appointed sixth president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, recently recalled. To reduce the impact on his household, Houngbo would bring his parents to the city, so they had access to clean water...

Although grateful for the provision, Houngbo’s mother wasn’t happy with the arrangement. Her appreciation for access to potable water in the city was outweighed by how much she missed living in the village. …

With sub-Saharan Africa seeing its lowest growth rate in two decades amid low commodity prices, the World Bank is urging the continent to seize the moment to make change. Policy reform and economic diversification is the formula the bank hopes can help propel Africa out of its downward turn.

There are a growing number of reasons to be hopeful. Commodity and oil exporting countries such as Angola and Nigeria were hit hard by the fall in global commodity prices. Yet other noncommodity exporters including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal continue to record improved economic growth.

“The theme of urgency…

Marcos Sawaya Jank, vice president of corporate affairs and business development for Brazilian Food Processor BRF Asia Pacific. Photo by: IFPRI / CC BY-NC-ND

The rise of protectionism is prompting some developing countries that export agricultural produce to explore new ways of expanding their markets without being limited by lack of access.

Some global trade experts believe that if left unchecked, protectionism would not only obstruct international trade, but might also weaken the influence of the World Trade Organization. …

Jennifer Okaima Piette

Communications, Media, & Advocacy| formerly Jennifer Ehidiamen| Innately curious| Founder: @rural_reporters| #ThereIsaGod | Alum. @columbiajourn & @NIJLagos

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