Why should you join us at the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club?

Jennifer Okaima Piette
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If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a lifelong learner. I am constantly looking for ways to get better and better.

On October 01, 2016, when I joined Toastmasters International, it was to improve my public speaking skills. But I have since learned that being a public speaker goes beyond having a stage presence/charisma. It requires having a knack for active listening, being grounded in accurate research, developing one’s leadership style and voice, engaging with the audience (especially in a virtual format), being receptive to constructive feedback, effectively managing distractions, and embracing lifelong learning for continuous improvement.

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I am currently taking the Team Collaboration Path (out of the 11 educational pathways) that helps you build your skills as a collaborative leader. As a communications expert in Washington D.C., I’ve constantly found myself navigating complex assignments and relationships that require getting out of my comfort zone. The good news is that my active participation in the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club has given me room to flex my muscles. At a typical meeting, members who have signed up for different roles (before the meeting day) carry out their responsibility diligently — give a prepared speech, lead the table topics (impromptu speech), or serve as a grammarian, speech evaluator, or general evaluator. Even if you decide to attend and only listen in, you’ll still gain something for showing up.

Why should you join us?

At the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club, our mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment where every member can develop communication and leadership skills and, in turn, foster self-confidence and personal growth.

And we have been doing this consistently for 51 years.

Our commitment? We want to see you succeed!

Come see for yourself AND expand your network beyond business as usual.

Upcoming Meetings

Friday, June 9 — Noon — 1 pm ET
Friday, June 23 — Noon — 1 pm ET



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